The One Lab

Random Stuff I'm Interested In Buying

This is just a simple list of things that I'd like to get someday. If you're feeling particularly generous, or just interested in spurring my enthusiasm on some of my projects, feel free to drop me a line.

Priority Item Found At Cost
1 Khet laser chess boardgame ThinkGeek
2 Foldable, cloth photography white box
2 BuckyBalls Magnetic Building Spheres ThinkGeek $35
3 A small camera tripod
3 MyVu Crystal Original MyVu $179
3 Infinity and the Mind Amazon $15
4 Collapsible Chopsticks ThinkGeek $29
5 Ceramic Noodle Cup ThinkGeek $12
6 Under Attack Babydoll ThinkGeek $24
7 Inevitable Betrayal Babydoll ThinkGeek $20
8 OMG Pwnies Babydoll ThinkGeek $18
9 I Void Warranties Babydoll ThinkGeek $18
10 Jamvox Guitar Trainer ThinkGeek $249
11 RFID-secure passport holder