The One Lab

Code I've Written or Hacked

Ultimately, this will be an index into the various projects I've worked on myself. Anything not listed here can be seen at my gitweb page at


I'm the lead developer on TsumuFS, a FUSE based python program that provides a caching layer on top of NFS (or conceivably any backend POSIX compliant filesystem) at the VFS layer.

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BrickWall is a really simple DENY default iptables firewall for Debian. The firewall is essentially a shell script written to work with Debian's ifupdown network interface control scripts.



A MacOS X dashboard widget I hacked together over a month before Apple released MacOS X Tiger. Its design is simple: publish a blog entry as plain-text to a blog such as Blogger or any other blog system that supports the old XML-RPC Blogger API. The original design only spoke the Blogger protocol, but starting with v0.2b was modular enough to generate the posting form programmatically and communicate to pluggable backends. Currently in a state of limbo due to a massive blow to morale after the contest was completed.



Originally a quick-hack script written in Perl, NewsCRON was conceived to fulfill one purpose: send me a custom newspaper every morning including the latest Associated Press and Reuters news and the latest updates for the various comics I used to keep up with. Currently in a state of limbo, as I work out a new design for it. Code is not released at this point, as it's currently a horrible mess of spaghetti.